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Below are samples from our portfolio. Click an image or link to see more information.

The 1940s (Picture history of the 20th century)
Tim Wood & R. J. Unstead
Lavishly illustrated children's history; used hardback £2.95


Discovery Wild West
Peter Harrison
Lavishly illustrasted children's history
of Wild West Used Hardback £2.95


4 heroes and a Green Beard
Narayan Gangopadhyay
First English translation of Bengali humourous
children's classic; 4 students on holiday in Darjeeling
meet man who wants them to save him from Japanese spy
Used paperback £1.95


Wild Boy Thomas Fall
Vintage children's Western 1965
Mexican boy attempts to help
grandfather stranded in desert. Used paperback £1.95


The Shoe People: An Awful lot of litter (Mini World)
Children's picture book: Anthropopmorphic shoes deal with litter Used paperback £1.49


Go to Bed Katie Carr & Lyn Wendon  Letterland
Help your child develop reading skills Age 3-6:
Picture book containiing 4 stories in one; tales of rabbit going to bed, robber hat & a bad dog
Used paperback £1.95


The Mouse Family 123
 by Rosalind Sutton & Pamela Storey
Vintage Children's picture book
teaching numbers through rhymes about mice Used hardback £2.50


Green Bronze Mirror by Lynne Ellison- OUT NOW

Click here for further details


The Bird who saved the Jungle
by Jeremy Kingston & Gerald Rose
Vintage Children's picture book; tale of mynah bird who must protect other jungle birds from vultures; 1973 Used hardback £4.95


Charting the Vast Pacific (Discovery and Exploration)
John Gilbert Reader's Digest
Lavishly illustrated History of early European
exploration of Pacific Used hardback £3.95


The Frozen World
Discovery and exploration
Reader's Digest
Lavishly illustrated history
of Arctic and Antarctic exploration
Used hardback £3.95


Black Girl in Paris Shay Youngblood
Eden leaves American South with dreams
of becoming a writer and
 finding artitistic inspiration in the City of Light Used paperback £1.95


The Devil's Dance Floor Gordon D. Shirriffs
Vintage Western; half-breed in search
for stolen figurine of Virgin Mary
Used paperback £1.95


Gnosis: the secret of Solomon's Temple revealed
Philip Gardiner
Esoteric knowledge; "Truth" behind infamous
secret societies including Knights Templar New paperback £3.50


The Eagles Depart John Gloag

RARE Historical novel set at time of departure of Roman legions from Britain; story of Marcus Geladius. whose Roman father and native British mother were  killed by Irish raiders. Used hardback £6.95


Sara's Giant and the Upside down house
John Cuncliffe & Hilary Abrahams
VERY RARE  vintage children's picture book, first published 1980. Used hardback 
Sara's mother complains that the house is "upside down" so she gets her gigantic friend to really turn it upside down. Price £9.95; postage free within UK


Wake up it's Night
Carol Odell & Penelope Janjic
Vintage children's educational picture book from 1967; fictionalized account of people and things who are up at night. Used hardback- VERY RARE Price £7.95; postage free within UK


Doctor Crotchet's Symphony
Alan Backwood & Chris Skilton
Vintage children's picture book  from 1977 about composer who writes symphony. Used hardback price £2.95


My Mother's Kitchen Rodney McRae
Vintage children's picture book
about baby in kitchen. 1986 used hardback £2.50


Nazi Dagger Incident Terrance Dicks Unexplained

Children's novel; Boy and professor face Neo-Nazis armed with dagger with sinister hypnotic powers. Part of the Unexplained series. Price 1.95; postage free within UK.


How to cheat at Gardening
Hazel Evans
Practical suggestions abut achieveing maximum
horticultural effect with minimum physical effort


Both your Houses James Barlow
Vintage (1971) novel set in Irish troubles; Love affair between
British army private and daughter of IRA member
Used hardback £3.50


This animal is mischievous
David Benedictus
Vintage novel 1965 Twin brother and sister embroil themselves
 in the plottings of rival racial hate-factions Used hardback £2.95


The LIttle White Bear Cub Arlette Lavie
Vintage children's picture book. Polar bear dislikes being white,
so he journeys to tropical climes to meet other animals in order to change his colour Used hardback £2.95


Up & At 'Em Harold E. Hartney
Memoirs of commander of US aircraft
group in World War I.
First published 1940 Used paperback £1.95


Wings by John Monk Saunders
Vintage book from between wars telling tale of airmen in World War I; based on film. Used Hardback price £2.50


Machine Tools by N. Chernov
Textbook for technical schools and colleges and apprentice engineers. Translated from the Russian by Felix Palkin. Used hardback; Third printing 1984. revised from the 1972 Russian edition. Price £3.95


How the great Religions Began Joseph Gaer
Classic work of comparative religion Seventh (1960) printing of book
first published in 1929. For everyone, young and old Used paprerback £1.95


The Fish Rots from the Head by Bob Garratt

Classic business guide; clarifies and integrates roles of director. Price 1.95; postage free within UK.


The morning will come
 Naomi Jacob
Vintage novel 1962; originally publsished 1953.
Fictionalized account of life of Polish Jew born in 1867 Used paperback £1.95


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